Yoshiaki Togami

I'm a web developer and a college student. B2


・,Inc (July 2020 ~)

FrontEnd : HTML/CSS/React/TypeScript/AWS

・Wanteldy,Inc (March 2021 ~)

FrontEnd : React/TypeScript

・CyberAgent,Inc (March 2021 ~)

2 days hackathon


Proficient With

Language: JavaScript/TypeScript

Tools: Node.js, React.js, Next.js, Webpack

Have used before

Language: Go Python C HTML/CSS(Sass)

Tools: AWS Amplify(AppSync, DynamoDB, Cognito), CloudFront, S3, Lambda/Lambda@Edge, SES


I study an Electric Circuit and a Semiconductor Engineering at an university.But, I also study about web programming and a computer, and work as a frontend engineer. Especially, performance tuning and ecosystem around JavaScript arose my curiosity !!